About Us

What is Save a Life Cymru?

Save a Life Cymru was announced in October 2018, we are looking to build a partnership between emergency services (Ambulance Service, Fire and Rescue Services, Police, Coastguard services and potentially Defence Medical Services), NHS Wales, third sector organisations, community groups, local authorities, academia, industry partners and the Welsh Government.

People who believe that together we can change the culture from ‘what’s the point they all die’ or ‘I can’t do anything to help’ to ‘I’ll do it’. People have understandable fears or concerns about doing Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and as a partnership need we aim to ‘bust the myths’ and help build confidence, abilities and knowledge.

Why does it matter?

The general assumption is if you are going to use CPR, it will be to help a stranger, but the truth is you are much more likely to need it for a loved one, a friend or family member; research shows most cardiac arrests happen in the home. We also know cardiac arrests most often occur in areas of deprivation and that those who live in these areas are least likely to know CPR. We are really keen to see the areas who need the most support, get it.

Recognising someone is having a cardiac arrest, calling 999 and starting CPR as soon as possible, increases the chance of that person surviving. It is internationally recognised bystander CPR can improve the chances of someone surviving by between 2 and 3 times. People who have learned CPR are more likely to know how to react to a cardiac arrest and be willing to start CPR.

There are lots of opportunities to learn CPR in communities across Wales and we want to make it easier for people to find a course local and suitable for them.

What is Save a Life Cymru aiming to achieve?

The main aims of Save a Life Cymru partnership, are to lay the foundation for building lifesaving activity across Wales:

  • To highlight and encourage the work of groups who are already teaching CPR within their communities.
  • To develop local community networks to identify communities across Wales who have less CPR training opportunity and to offer support.
  • To co-ordinate larger scale events, promoting Save a Life Cymru to the whole cross section of the Welsh public.





Ariennir achub bywyd Cymru gan Lywodraeth Cymru ac fe'i cefnogir gan rwydwaith cardiaidd Cymru, drwy'r grŵp gweithredu ar gyfer anhwylderau'r galon. Save a Life Cymru is funded by Welsh Government and supported by the Wales Cardiac Network, through the Heart Conditions Implementation Group.