working together across Wales

Save a Life Cymru is working on building a collaboration between emergency services (Ambulance Service, Fire and Rescue Services, Police and potentially Defence Medical Services), NHS Wales, third sector organisations, community groups, local authorities, academics, industry partners and the Welsh Government so they can benefit from pooled expertise to assist in the delivery of the main aim: to lay the foundation for building lifesaving activity across Wales.


We would like to see all organisations involved to have a stake in the partnership and towards our common goal delivering unified messages with a mutual understanding of the value of each partner’s contribution ensuring there is respect and trust between partners.

Tomos Hughes

Public Access Defibrillator Officer (North Wales)

Welsh Ambulance Services NHS Trust


Tomos has installed more than 400 defibrillators over the last four years across North Wales and has this year been awarded the British Empire Medal.


It all started with the installation of a defib in his home and one at the summit of Snowdon.

Tomos started as an unpaid volunteer first responder and has now been appointed the full time public access defibrillator officer for North Wales as a full time employee of the Ambulance Service through the support of the cardiac charity SADS UK.


While maintaining the existing 400 defibrillatorshe also maintains an additional 300 which includes checking them after use to ensure they are ready for the next emergency.


Tomos has been working hard with the Ambulance Service on promoting the Save a Life Cymru agenda and has recently attended Morrisons in Denbigh to show members of the public not only what a defibrillator is but provide CPR training as well as defib familiariation which included how to access the defibrillator case should the need arise.


A promotional video is under developed to promote Save a Life Cymru and CPR. The ambulance services are so impressed they have agreed to purchase additional kits (as shown above) and to provide 3 vehicles to enable volunteer responders to continue the work Tomos has started across North Wales.


At Morrisions Denbigh 48 members of the public received training.   



Ariennir achub bywyd Cymru gan Lywodraeth Cymru ac fe'i cefnogir gan rwydwaith cardiaidd Cymru, drwy'r grŵp gweithredu ar gyfer anhwylderau'r galon. Save a Life Cymru is funded by Welsh Government and supported by the Wales Cardiac Network, through the Heart Conditions Implementation Group.